zondag 3 augustus 2008

The summer festivals...

This summer I am trying to finish shooting for my book 'DJ'. For that I am visiting some of the major events in Holland, like Extrema (thanks Niels!) Loveland (thanks Raymond, thanks Marnix!), Dance Parade (thanks Olga and Esther @ ID&T!) Lowlands (thanks Roy and Peter Bas!), Mysteryland (thanks again ID&T!). So, lots of fun backstage! I shot DJ Hell, who is a very very nice guy and an interesting character, Radioslave, Richie Hawtin (yes, Plastikman indeed!) Troy Pearce, Felix da Housecat (very very nice guy, very photogenic too), Sandy Rivera (feeling better now, Sandy?), Francois K (Studio 54, for the younger reader, the man himself!), Oxia, Sebastien Leger, Secret Cinema, Ron Carroll, Tom Novi, Gregor Salto, Funkerman, Fixmer & McCarthy, Play Paul (brother of one of the Daft Punk guys, whom I was not able to shoot since they forgot their masks at the Melkweg), Quince, Heartthrob, Sascha Funke and many many others. Last but not least: Ben Cullum and his brother Jamie (see above pic, the both now collaborate with ex-Underworld's Darren Emerson). So, productive summer indeed. Busy schedule? Hey, I have looked at the schedules of some of the people I shot here. Mine looks like holiday camp compared to theirs... The sad bits: I missed Grandmaster Flash (felt not too good) and Carl Cox (felt not too good. Maybe in Rotterdam? Elliot? Ian?). Tiesto? I really hope we will finally meet at Mysteryland (Tijs? Do you read me?).

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