zondag 3 augustus 2008

Some new DJ portraits.

First above is DJ Hell. Gentleman and dedicated Bowie fan. Somehow a bit of a Leni feel grabbed me. Second is Ben Sharpa, South African hero, MC and producer. Last but not least: Richie Hawtin. I looped his Plastikman records during the 90's, over and over again. This shoot has a record: he was available to me for 12 seconds. Thanks Alex @ Maslow! The hand you see is actually pulling him away from my set...

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Dplanet zei

Amazing portraits! It was great to meet you briefly at Extrema with Ben Sharpa. I have blogged about the photo here: http://www.pioneerunit.com/2008/08/04/ben-sharpa-portrait-by-krijn-van-noordwijk/

Good luck with the book!

Dplanet / Pioneer Unit Records