zaterdag 15 maart 2008

About the 'DJ' project.

Armin van Buuren

Tommie Sunshine

Ferry Corsten

Chuck D

Krijn van Noordwijk is a Dutch artist and a photographer specialized in portraiture. Krijn is currently working on a book called 'DJ'. For this project he has already photographed many DJ's of name and fame and the series is still growing. Van Noordwijk is interested in DJ's and the dance world, since he is a music producer himself. But also because he wants to 'put an Icon to the Idol', as he sometimes puts it. It appeared to him that many fans around the world who love their DJ's often do not know the DJ's faces all too well. On the bigger events, there is this tiny person on a big stage, and most people never get to see the artist close-up. That is exactly what the book will do: bring the artist closer up. Krijn shoots his subjects in an almost classical manner technically, but the way he captures expressions and moods are rather contemporary. 'DJ' will be a photography book in the first place, but the vast collection of DJ portraits makes the project interesting for a much broader audience. A selection of images was exhibited on 100 outdoor billboards throughout Amsterdam during the recent Amsterdam Dance Event. For the DJ project, Krijn works closely together with Maslow, the design team that have created the visual identity for the Amsterdam Dance Event. Some of the visuals from 'DJ' are used in the ADE graphics. Maslow will also design Krijn's book itself. Through this text, Krijn likes to thank ADE, Mysteryland, ID&T, Barkers, Todaysart, Meubelstukken, STRP and all DJ's and producers that have taken part in the project already. Hereunder some of the artists that are in the project so far:

Mike Banks Bileebob Cherrie Amour Buzz Goree Neil Landstrumm Milton Baldwin Kool Keith Motion Man Kutmaster Kurt Juan Atkins Jonathan Dixon TLR David Letellier Kangding Ray Cornelius Harris Christa Robinson Chris de Luca & Karsten Phon.o Warlock Tommy Sunshine Theo Parrish Steve Milanese Robert Henke Raphael Merrywaters Jr. Princess Superstar Boxcutter DJ Cyber Finne Jager Mark Wilkinson Michel de Hey Darin Bolden Morten Trust Dave Clarke Isis Tetsuya Ejiri Steve Rachmad Erick E Lucien Foort Lenny B Paul van Dyk Alankara Maslow DJ Pierre Gert van Veen Don Diablo Djinxx Kareem Sahraoui Josh Wink Mark Picchiotti Ben Liebrand Alan McGowan Tony Byrne Tom de Neef Pete Tong Eyesupply Shinedoe Ronnie Ventura Estroe Manic Peter Horrevorts Lady Aïda Lars Brandle Johan Gielen Eyefuel Lucien Foort Rene Lenting Richard Zijlma Arthur Baker Kid Goesting Bas Kosters Bart Skils Aardvarck Armin van Buuren Stonebridge Warren Fellow Wannabeastar & Miss B-have Victor Coral Speedy J Shirley Hart San Proper Tom Trago The Walk & Roger 72 Ted Langenbach Ruud van der Peijl Roy Avni Electronation Paul Kalkbrenner Parra Soundsystem Willie Wartaal Steve Bug Technasia Nid & Sancy Mr Wix Mr & Mrs Cameron Menno de Jong Mathew Jonson Mason & the Maker Marko V Larry Tee Laidback Luke Joris Voorn Joost van Bellen Joey Beltram Jip Deluxe Heiko Laux Franz Kubin Fedde le Grand Ella Bandita Edwin Oosterwal Dylan Hermelijn Disctwins Dimitri Dimi Angelis Deux d'Electrique Derrick May Darko Esser Daniela Haverbeck Curtis Jones Cristian Varela Dr. Lektroluv Arne Koefoed Alexander Technique Aux Raus Chris Liebing Carlos Valdez & Sandrien Tom Holkenborg Todd Terry Marnix Mark van Dale Mark Knight Marcella Marc Romboy Kraak & Smaak Kevin Saunderson Jesse Voorn Fab Morvan Don Diablo Dave Spoon DJ Jurgen Aron Friedman Benny Rodriques Benny Benassi Terry Toner Stefaan Vandenberghe Dave Clarke Chuck D Monochrome Miss Monica Mischa Daniels Edo Salgado Simon Dunmore Rude 66 Roger Martinez Patch Park Olav Basoski

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